Sunday Reflection – Gratitude Check-In

The end of winter is always hard for me. I do really well for most of the winter months, but the closer we get to spring, the more I start to feel the stress of the long dark.

There’s also been some stress as more and more candidates come forward for 2020. On one hand, I love that we have so much diversity in the field. On the other hand, online communities are already enmeshed in bitter fights over their favored candidates. And the stakes feel so high.

Any of us who care about social justice have to play a balancing act. We have to weigh being engaged while taking care of ourselves.

So this weekend, I want to move to the side of self care.

Gratitude is such a fundamental and powerful tool for self care. It’s not ignoring the bad, but just taking a moment to mindfully acknowledge the good.

Here are some things I’m grateful for this month:

  • I’m living in a new city and loving it.
  • Spending time with good friends who care about what’s happening my life and support me.
  • Feeling my creativity come back more and more after being so firmly squashed by bureaucracy and exhaustion for so long.
  • Indie video games saving me from the greed and annoyance of big game companies.
  • Living alone. It’s nice, y’all. Really, really nice.

What are you grateful for this month?

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