Amplifying Voices – Victoria Rodriguez: How to Step Up for Women of Color

I call out white women a fair amount on this site. There are reasons for this. First, I am a white woman, so I know a great deal about being at the intersection of white privilege and gender oppression. And second, as a white woman, I have no patience for other white women who continue to support supremacist policies at the expense of their own gender. I have no patience with white women who support inadequate white men in power just because they share a skin color. I especially have no patience for white women who claim to be allies while also engaging in supremacist behavior, and who are unwilling to acknowledge their own flaws or roles in racist systems.

I believe that white women have an obligation to do the work. And let’s be clear, you won’t ever finish the work. Confronting your own bias and working towards equitable systems is a life long process. But if you really want to be an ally, you need to start.

This article by Victoria Rodriguez is a great outline of things that white women can do to make a difference. Link here.

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